Saturday, June 5, 2010

One down.....

It's not quite what I had envisioned to begin with but I think perhaps it's nicer. To get it together in a hurry I cut 6 inch strips of my various fabrics ( all of which were in my stash ).

I then randomly cut the strips into chunks. Next I sewed the pieces together into one long strip. When that was done I cut it into 90 cm lengths. These were sewn together randomly also. It's a bit unfortunate that so many white pieces landed next to each other.

Then I pinned the quilt sandwich together. For the backing I used some shirting material from my stash and the quilt is filled with two layers of the wool blanket I got from the oppy. Actually, out of my purchases yesterday the only things I have used is the blanket and some of the red gingham. I could have saved some money.

I quilted along the horizontal lines. This was very fast and keeps the quilt together nicely. I found a quilting tutorial on YouTube to help with the corners of the binding. My corners still aren't great but they will do nicely.

Now I have to make the underlay which shouldn't take too long at all. I shall keep it for tonight when my monsters are all asleep.

It's all well and good to finish a quilt in one sitting but you seriously do not want to see the state of my house. Not only have I neglected the housework and left the kids to their own devices, it's also pouring so they can't even go outside. Consequently they have made some glue from flour and water and pasted all the fabric scraps onto reams and reams of letter paper.

This is one of my 4 year olds artworks drying in front of the fire.

Well the house might be messy, and I might not have had a shower yet, but it certainly has been a productive Saturday..... and that is what I like.

Till next time friends.....

P.S. Next time I will be sure to take progress shots.

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