Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Op shops and bargains

Well let's see, what have we been up to???

Yesterday Savers had a half price sale. It was so crowded I felt claustrophobic. However, I managed to brave the childrens section.

Here are a few things I bought for Paisley.

And a few things I found for Monet.

They are mostly really good brands or practically brand new.

I only spent $25.

I also got Hurley an awesome little outfit from Myer. It's baby Bardot. Would normally cost over $70 but it was ours for $28. Pretty good I thought.

Abientot, catch you later.

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1 comment:

the textured leaf said...

Hah! even your 'Savers' choices seem to have that certain french flavour! Absolute bargains. Did you know ive only just found out what Savers is? Where have I been?
With my head stuck in my fabric cupboard obviously!
Nice to have you blogging like a trooper finally. Dont stop anytime soon, lovely. x