Monday, June 21, 2010

My Style

I was reading Anna's blog, and it got me thinking about MY style.

What is my style???

Well, I think if my circumstances were different my style would be different.

I have three kids and we are a single income family. My husband is now on a wage as compared to previously being self-employed.

I would say my style could be called, budget, thrifty, frugal, and what ever other words mean cheap. I like to buy whatever fabric is on sale at Spotlight.

The quilt that is sitting on my machine at the moment includes denim and gingham, cause you get more for your money, and what ever quilting fabrics were in the $5 pile. I do like it, but if my budget were unlimited it would look completely different. and it would befilled with bamboo batting.

I can't justify paying full price for yarn so I lookout for good jumpers to unravel. so far I have only done one. I have recently discovered Bendigo Woolen Mills and feel that their prices are quite affordable.

Oh, and lately, I feel that alot of op-shops charge too much. The other day an op-shop wanted $3 for a crochet hook. I got a new one for about $5. And, I saw a young man go out the back with a little ceramic trinket box at my local Vinnies, he soon emerged and reported to the lady at the desk that the trinket box would fetch $30 on eBay. She quickly responded, "oh, we had better put $25 on it then", not much of an opportunity there if you ask me!!!

Anyway, if budget weren't an issue, my style would be completely different.

Here are a few things that I love regardless of price...

This girls spring wrap can be found here.

The two gorgeous quilts above have now been sold, but the beautiful blue one below is available here.

And that outfit below was created by Kate from Foxs Lane and I do wish it was for sale.


willywagtail said...

Aha!! I think I've found another one. Aleesa left me and me sisters behind in Forster. ?? quien sabe? Love your style too. Thanks to some of our mutual friends I am finally reverting to all boho things that were squashed out of me in my failed marriage. And yes if I had more money my style would be different but then I wouldn't have learnt some of the thin gs I have because I've had to make do with pennies instead of pounds.

Bellgirl said...

I know what you mean about opshops getting expensive! There are still a few good ones around here, luckily. Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck!

ange_moore said...

I love Kate's outfit too!!

As for the Vintage Sheet FQ swap - we're going ahead with it! Putting them in the post by 2 July. Please send me your email address and I'll send you the details!!

dorothybills said...

Oh I am touched that you love my quilts, thanks so much!
Totally agree about the oppies, not like the 'old' days, before it was popular!

Think I saw you from a distance on weekend but my time was spent chasing my three yr old!
We should exchange numbers? I can't see your email on here, mine is we should do cups of tea perhaps?

Maria said...

Love your style.You can buy lovely fabrics at Spotlight when they are on special.
Yes our op shops can be expensive. Shame really as all their things are donated and the workers are volunteers.

the textured leaf said...

Hey Elisha,
Thanks for the shout out.
Keamu is working at a local oppy this week and i was forced to go by to drop off his lunch. Well...... I was lucky to find the most gorgeous deep emerald blanket for some jackets. I may even do one for moi! x

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, I just had a little squeal when I saw that you had included my outfit amongst such gorgeousness. Thanks you!
I have no idea what my style is anymore. I seem to be swaying madly between farmer/country girl and don't want to look like a farmer/country girl.