Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Intentions.......

This is going to be a cot quilt and underlay for my dear baby boy. I purchased a double woolen blanket from one of my fave op-shops where the lovely lady gave me a discount. Half is for the quilt an half for the underlay.

The fabric is some navy cotton drill, and some gingham. I want to put an appliqué of some sort on the quilt. I hope to have both finished tonight. I think I might dig up some light blue denim I think I have left over from the other quilt. That's right, the one I haven't finished yet.

This is an emergency though. Hurley baby is moving into a cot and I simply must have a nice comfy woolen underlay for him.

I priced a woolen underlay at adairs, $77. And I imagine a nice quilt would be up there too. This lot cost me $37. Quite a saving I think.

Hopefully you will hear from me later tonight with a finished product.

Time to get cracking.....

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