Thursday, June 17, 2010

Up-cycled Sweater

I ran up this skirt and leggings late last-night. I used a top of mine that had shrank in the wash. It's the first time I have re-purposes a knit and might I say I quite enjoyed it.

I don't intend for these to be worn together but no doubt my girl will have other ideas. I used the sleeves for the leggings, and because they are for a four year old, I added a gussett to get the extra waist room.

I just love the way they have turned out BUT, she hasn't tried them on yet....... We'll wait and see I they fit.

I have some more to post today, including my creative space so I'll catch you again later.

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the textured leaf said...

Oh talk about a trip down memory lane. I used to do these for Zjahlii! I even made a few for Navarh, just the leggings though.

Kate said...

I recently cut into an old jumper for a dress but I love the leggings.

Copper Patch said...

Great idea. Hope they work well when they are modelled.