Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Crafting Supplies

Spotty had some great sales last week. Fat quarters for $2 and 50% off yarn.

What should I do with these fat quarters, I keep thinking I bought 6 but alas there are only 5. They are not really suited to my house but they were oh so gorgeous and calling my name. Perhaps I could make a gift, or even a giveaway???

With this I am going to make one of these

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willywagtail said...

Make some KM covers and give them away. Or pencil cases or pencil rolls. Little purses for older ladies or friends, etc. Or enjoy just owning them. I call it "material"ism. Cherrie

'Joyce' said...

I love your little stash. I didn't get to purchase any fabric this week, it was all yarn when I saw they had 50% off. Oh and I got 6mtrs of discounted wadding to finish a quilt as well. I love what you are going to make with your yarn. I am wearing my crochet version today and have a pic on my blog. You are going to love it, so very warm and everyone you see that day will love it too. I have had heaps of compliments.