Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something Green

Here is a little something I am working on.

I couldn't sleep very well last-night.
I was wondering what I was going to do about the material I bought that was see-through.
You see I just couldn't resisit it.

I would have to line it,
but that would take too long,
cost too much,
and there would be no significant improvement.

I have been up since 5am.
first I cleaned.....
then I sewed.....

And now we have reversible bikinis!
2 for the price of 1.....
sort of.


the textured leaf said...

Love the fabrics. No wonder you werent able to sleep!

Jelly Bean Books said...

What a fabulous idea - I wish I could think like that when I can't sleep! ~ Christine

hannah bananna said...

Love reversible! They look great!

NessaKnits said...

You need cotton Actil sheets by the bucketload!

Yves said...

They look fabulous! What's with us and our creative minds? I know the feeling really well and have had those nights when I can't wait for the sun to rise so I can finish off those sorts of pieces.

Allana said...

Love these, so glad you came up with a way to use the fabric!
Thanks for the comment at HMH -ha ha, nooo not mine! You are speedy - thanks!

and vintage kitchen treasures are the best, I like thinking of all the batches of bikkies and cakes that may have been made with them by someones Mum or Nanna. They feel so much more REAL than new plastic things.