Monday, November 8, 2010

Rosebubs Market and MonetPaisley Swimwear

 I was quite happy to get this shot where we both look quite ok.  Thanks to the lovely Sara.

During the down time I managed to take some quite staged shots of my swimwear range.

I have set the price for this first range at $25.  I think thats pretty competitive with the other local retailers.

 I love this sign that we ran up at 7 this morning, its made from a cornflake box.

Wendy managed to finish handstitching the binding on this postage stamp quilt at the market.  It has only taken her 10 years to finish.  I love that every square of fabric has its own little story.  My favourite was the small sample of the first ever patchwork that Wendy made for her eldest daughter, it makes a couple of appearances in this luxurious quilt.

And lastly some more staged photos of my latest obsessions....... kids cotton bikinis!!!

I am busy listing the leftover bikinis on Etsy and completeing some extra orders I had because I ran out of size 4's... note to self... make lots more 4's and 6's!

Post Script: Wendy's quilt only took seven years to finish.  I did know that and kept telling myself "it's not 10 it's 7" but isn't that always the way....


Gillian said...

Oh your stall looked so pretty :)
Well done!

the textured leaf said...

Only seven years, pay attention.... May as well have been ten! x

dorothybills..... said...

wow! I am so excited & happy for you...sounds like you had a fantastic day!

willywagtail said...

Sounds like you had a successful launch to you range. Congratulations and also to Wendy on that ten year finish. Cherrie

Kate said...

As I read through your post I kept on thinking of all the comments I would write but now I've forgotten. It all looks gorgeous. I hope you sold lots and had fun. I am so thrilled for you that you have found your thing. And such a great thing too. Have a great week.

ana @ i made it so said...

beautiful work. love the cornflake box sign... hey, whatever works! ;)