Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Big Hand For Tinniegirl and Curlypops......

I would like to thank Tinniegirl and Curlypops for organising Blogtoberfest.

By attempting to blog everyday I have accomplished the amazing...... found my niche.

You see.... I ran out of blog material very early on in Blogtober.....

So I thunk.... and I thought..... and I thunk some more.....

And I began crafting.....

First I finished some quilts....

Then I made a T-shirt....

Then I did some philosophysing....

Then....  I did the amazing..... I decided to make my girls bikinis....

And because of the thinking, thunking and philosophisationing...

I kept at it.... over...  and over.... and over....

and came up with these!

and these!

and then these!

And now I am launching my new swimwear at Rosebubs Market next Sunday!

Which will be followed up by my etsy store Grand Opening and a Giveaway!

So keep an eye out for some special events over the next fortnight.

Thanks guys for all your input and inspiration, it wouldn't have been possible without you!

Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat

gif animators

Monet has a fancy hat parade at school tomorrow as part of the festivities for The Melbourne Cup.

The bunny is meant to be our real pet bunny Thumper, but Thumper has gone walkabout.  Hopefully he will show up before tomorrow morning.  I'm not liking our chances.

I made this hat from a Huggies box, a metre of black felt and a purple ribbon.  Lots and lots of masking tape, a sewing machine and a fair bit of hand sewing.

It only took 2 hours, I thought that was pretty good, I expected it to take much longer.

'Tis my first animation too, you can find more animations at My Poppet

Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Down, Twenty-Nine to Go.....

This is the first of many pairs....

I also wanted to mention that these are a size six.  Because I don't have a six year old I figured as long as they are too big for Paisley and too small for Monet they will probably be just right for a six year old.
I have even better news.  They fit Paisley..... and..... they fit Monet!

This means that these bikinis will fit girls for a few summers.  It also means I don't have to stress so much about them not fitting properly.

If you are in the area Sunday week, pop in to the Rosebubs Children's Market at the Rosebud Secondary College.  Come and say hello..... 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Hour

I love this photo! I know the light is all wrong but I think it looks really good.

Anyway, what has made me happy today?  Well its not the shed!  I feel like I am getting nowhere with my new studio, there is sooo much work to do.

In other news though...... I have just finished sizing my new swimwear patterns.  I now have sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10.  I have tested the four and eight but I need to find girls size 2, 6 and 10.

I have also bought enough fabric to make thirty bikinis.  The colours for this seasons range are quite muted with what I perceive to be a french provencal flavour.  There were some fabulous bright fabrics in yellows and pinks but I wanted to make sure that all the bikinis looked like they belonged together.

I am also happy, if not a little nervous, that I have committed to another market.  I will be at Rosebubs Childrens Market next Sunday at Rosebud Secondary College along with my friend The Textured Leaf who has a new children's wear label Little Tree Kids.  Hopefully I will have thirty cotton bikinis available.  I would love to have time to make some beach bags and sundresses too.  I will have to see what next week brings.

To find other happy bloggers please visit my friend Dorothybills

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Why is it that I always seem to spend my Thursdays cleaning?

I am cleaning again today, decluttering in preparation for selling this stone house.  It will be a shame, how often does one live in a 50's solid stone house?  But a family of five do not fit in a 2 bedroom house.

We were going through the shed last night and found so many things we had "stored" there that we just had no use for anymore.  Some of it was put on the side of the road to see if anyone wanted it.  It's gone already.

So today I will be putting things on the side of the road.  I have 2 change tables, 2 baby rockers and numerous other things.  I will be glad to have more space.

Perhaps I can move my sewing centre out to the shed like Eleesa from Dorothybills has.

I wonder if a studio would sell the house more than a shed.  It does have floating timber floors, a kitchen sink, shelving and plastered and insulated walls.  This is all because my brother-in-law and his wife Zjahlii (Wendy from The Textured Leaf's daughter), lived in our shed before they had kids in order to save some money.  We loved having them live with us and miss them very much now they have moved away.

Yep, that's it a new sewing studio!  And I can put a play corner in there for the kidlets, Hurley loves a change of scenery.  And the garage door can be opened on hot days to get some fresh air through and so as I can watch the kids ride their bikes.  It's all settled then.  I will be sure to take before and after photos.

So a day off from sewing bikinis today in order to be more productive in the future.

Okay here are some more photos of the things that I am so excited about at the moment....

Still so excited about finally finding my niche.  Until now I have pretty much just made things that I have seen around about blogland.  But these bathers I created from beginning to end and I am so excited.  I hope to have a few pairs in an etsy store by the end of next week.  And they may be making some market appearances over the summer.  Did I mention how excited I am???

Have you found your niche? That special thing you make that is all you?

Don't forget to visit Kootoyoo for more creative spaces!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Emerald Coast

I love the glare, it says "I've had enough of this photoshoot, I want to go to the park". 

And I just adore these emerald green bathers on Monet.

I have fixed all the little foibles that my pattern had when I upsized it.  I have changed the back of the top and repositioned the straps for comfort.  I also removed any saggy baggy fabric in the bum of the pants and made sure there was no innappropriate gaping.  I can see these bathers seeing lots of sunny days this summer. 

 Next chance I get I am going to make a size 4 from this gorgeous green fabric that used to be a dress of mine.  I hope that someday someone will love them just as much as I do.

The coral coloured linen dress is the last one left from the stock I took to the last market.  I wish I had more of this fabric, it was everynoes favourite.  I am glad I got to keep this one.

I have also discovered Picasa.  It's photo editing software from google, and it's free to download.  Isn't it amazing what it's done for my photos?

Monday, October 25, 2010


It was a beautiful day at the beach today.  Took some nice pics with the manual settings on my camera.  Learnt everything I know from the tutorials over at Lil Blue Boo.

As for the bikinis.... they are passable, but I will still make a few adjustments to the pattern for the bottoms and trial a few different tops.

More swimwear later in the week....

Just Too Darn Cute

I couldn't wait till tomorrow, these are just too darn cute!

I just have to wait till the morning to see if they fit.  Not sure what size they will be, hoping they fit my five year old.  Need more supplies - swimwear elastic, cotton, pretty florals and an overlocker...

I am soooooo excited about these bikinis.  I know the best is yet to come...

P.S.  I just tried them on Paisley, THEY FIT PERFECTLY.  A little too perfect perhaps, I would have liked a little more growth room.  My guess is a size 3.

I think we may have to go to the beach for a proper photo shoot later today.

I am dying to know what you think, am I on to something here?????

Would you put your little girl in handmade cotton bikinis????

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reversible Swimwear and a Day in the Dirt

Today was a beautiful day for some yard work.  I had a baby shower to attend this arvo so hubby took the kids out into the sunshine and left me to get ready in peace.  This is what I came out to.

He loves the sand at the beach, but this was his first time in the dirt.  I had to give him a good soak in the tub before we left for the baby shower.

In other news.....

This is prototype seven, the reversible bikini bottoms.  Prototype six were a complete write off.

These are a size 0.  I tried them on my bubby boy, they fit pretty well.  I will tweak the pattern just a little more and then work out the sizing.

I have been playing around with ideas for tops too.  My shirring leaves something to be desired though.  I would love to know if you have any shirring advice, what am I doing wrong???

Joining Chunky Chooky's Meme

I am quite busy today, another baby shower, a house to clean, a family to feed......

So seeing as though I am up before the birds I plan to use this time wisely and clean the house blog!

4 Things I Always Carry

My Baby Boy
A Bottle of Water
Not My Purse - I am always forgetting to take my purse.
Not My Phone - I also forget to take my phone everywhere I go

4 Things That are in My Bedroom

My Baby Boy - 3 kids in a 2 bedroom house.
King Size Bed - which at times sleeps the whole family.
Fishing Rods - They are my husband's pride and joy and he refuses to leave them in the shed incase they get stolen.
The clean washing Pile.

4 Things I Would Like to do But Haven't Yet

Go to France.
Make a Living From Designing Children's Clothes.
Become an Organised Person.
Run 5 km - this seems more unlikely than the others at this rate.

4 Things You Don't Know About Me

I love the Colour Red
I Love the Clolour Blue
I love The Colour Geen
I love Colour in General - But always seem to wear black

4 Things I Often Wonder

Where do the stars go during the day???
Where does the sun go during the night???
Where do the fish go when it rains???
Into the seaweed! So they don't get wet!!!

If you want to take part in this 4 things meme check out chunky chooky

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Handmade Children's Swimwear

I have been searching for handmade girl's bathers or patterns for girls bathers and have had no luck.

If you know of such a pattern on the web please let me know.  I'm not after your average lycra onepiece pattern you can buy from shops.  I want something with  more "je ne sais quoi...."

In the absence of a pattern I decided to make my own.  These are attempts four and five of the pants.

The black floral ones fit my four year old and she loves them.  I had to come up with a better idea for the edges and at the same time I felt they needed fully lining in the case of paler fabrics.

The blue and green pair were meant to fit my 8 year old.  the elastic is a bit tight and they need a little more height in the waist.  I think I can fix them by lengthening the crotch panel.

So it's back to the drawing board for me.  Once I get the pants right I will be making tops to match.  And perhaps I can even manage to make them reversible.

I love them, I am so excited I could pee my pants.....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Hour

Just came back from seeing Eat Pray Love.

I am still not sure what I thought, there is more to it than just a love it or hate it.  It's deeper than that.

I think the fact that there were five of us in a sedan at the drive-in and it was raining might have tarnished my view of the movie.

It was definitely an experience, very sensory and spiritual I suppose you could say.  Makes you want to stop and smell the roses.

I would liken it to "Under the Tuscan Sun".  But still in a class all its own.

I understand that the book is pretty much a cult classic and I might just have to spend a week in bed and become acquainted with it.

I can say that I love Julia's wardrobe, adored the soundtrack but felt the cinematography was a little on the dark side.  Perhaps this was to create atmosphere, perhaps it was the projectionists fault.  I won't know till the DVD comes out.

I think the jury is still out on this one and will remain so for now.

Do enjoy though, don't let me put you off.  The fact that I gave it a so-so review means you will absolutely love it.  It's always the way.

I was very happy about getting dolled up and heading out on a Friday night, even if it was spent in a car, in the rain.

To join in the rather new phenomenon of Happy Hour check out Dorothybills

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Theory of Firsts

I have a theory.....

First time craft projects are like first pancakes......

They never work!

So try, try again.

And this....

can become this.....

and this.....

and this....

You know how the first pancake is never quite right??  don't you??

That means there is definitely hope for this....

I don't mean the baby.... I mean the t-shirt.

Remember... Pancakes....

My Creative Space

I decided to bight the bullet this morning and continue quilting this quilt which has been going for about 9 months now.  Since starting this quilt I have made three more cot quilts.  I have improved my sewing technique some since beginning this.  After popping it in the machine this morning and continuing the free motion quilting I have realised its not me its the quilt.

I didn't stretch the backing enough which has resulted in some pleating on the back.  I put the batting in upside down which means the quilt top is sliding around some, even with the pins in it.  I washed the fabrics before sewing, I know you are supposed to do this but I much prefer to sew with all the starch still in the fabric.  Its a lot stiffer and sits better in the machine.

This is what my whole creative space looks like at the moment, needs some work I know.  I have an bench top from Ikea that will become built in.  I will also put in some overhead cupboards and some shelves.  Until then I might put up some kind of hanging shelving unit and a pin board or something.

My creative space comes complete with 7 month old baby boy who wants to get in on the action.

For more inspiration drop by Kootoyoo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Envelope Neck Tee

Tee-hee-hee.  Whoops-a-daisy.

I tried to refashion an old hand me down t-shirt into an envelope neck tee for my bubba.  I made a few mistakes.  The biggest thing I did wrong was to get the envelope neck backwards.  The front overlaps the back instead of the other way around.

I have seen a few around and I half-read this tutorial.  Perhaps if I took the time to read all of it I wouldn't have made the mistake.  Oh well, I think its cute. I will tweak the pattern here and there, and make sure I sew it together in the right order next time.


I just read the rest of the tutorial and its completely different to the way I put mine together.  If I can get all the bugs out I might do a tutorial...... one day.

Another Cot Quilt

I swear this looks like the twin brother of yesterdays quilt.  Not identical though, not at all.

Different fabrics and a different layout of the rectangles.  I even used a different chair to photograph him in.

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the brother quilts together before Ryden's quilt went to live with him this morning.  This quilt is for my nephew to be.

Perhaps the quilt brothers shall meet again one day.....  Perhaps I'll be there with my camera.....  Wouldn't that be lovely.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cot Quilt

Here is a finished cot quilt.  Bound in navy denim.   It is destined to reside with a little bubby named Ryden.  It looks like Ryden's quilt to me.  It's a little late.  I had better ring his Mummy to arrange for a cuppa later in the week.

As for the kidlet pants I have made..... I ran out of elastic.  I will have to make another trip to the local sewing shop.  No doubt I will come home with more essential crafting supplies.

I have been doing so much cleaning, organising and decluttering lately that I was having severe sewing withdrawals.  I am going to go and sew another quilt top now me thinks, or perhaps another pair of baby pants.

Hopefully you'll hear from me tomorrow again..... being Blogtober and all....

Some Crafting.....

Well there's been some crafting going on in this old stone house.

No photos yet but perhaps a finished quilt and some kidlets pants later in the day :-)

I have to get everything finished before I pack it all away, must make cushions for the lounge too.  And would love a lap quilt to go over the arm of the couch.  Must make my little bubba a new cot quilt and would love some bunting for above his bed.  It will all add to the sale of the house.....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've Been a Bad Blogger.....

Instead of blogging my way through Blogtober I've been busy cleaning, decluttering and organising in an attempt to get this house ready for sale.  We are nearly there but there is still so much to do, so many little fiddly jobs that noone wants to do.

I am facing the prospect of moving my craft supplies to my mother in laws house for the duration of the marketing process.  I will miss my craft supplies but they do not have a real home.  They live in baskets placed randomly under tables and in corners around the house.  They occupy a randomly placed chest of drawers that could be put to better use. 

Perhaps once the always present temptation of creating resides elsewhere I can get stuck into the things that need to be done around here so we can move our family of Five into a house with more than two bedrooms.

And the real motivator? Perhaps the house we move into will have a space that can be set aside purely for my creative pursuits......  oooooooh sounds exciting.

Sorry, no photos.  To busy cleaning......

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Hour and Belated Creative Space

I missed yet another Blogtober post!  Not very good at this commitment thing.

There is some new Friday fun taking place in Blogworld.  It's called Happy Hour and is being hosted by Dorothybills.  Basically post about something that has made you happy this week.

I have been busy organising and decluttering at home this week.  This has been inspired by my friend Samantha's new blog.

The above photo is my back door.  This is the door we use the most.  The kitchen bench used to collect all sorts of clutter as we came in the door, school notices, library books, mail, handbags, keys etc.  I was always losing important things.  Now each person in the family has a shelf where they put their things as they walk in the door.  There is even space for a couple of pairs of shoes so they can be put on in a hurry.  I really hope this helps with my family's organisation.  Fingers crossed.

Now whenever I am looking for the car keys I know where they are, this makes me smile.  My husband was able to get himself ready for work this morning at 4 am because I had put everything he needed on his shelf, this also makes me smile.  And I was able to send back several readers and a library book that had been floating around the house when I sent Monet off to school this morning, this will make her teacher smile.

So I have been creatively organising this week and I think it shall stretch into next week as I tackle the master bedroom.

For some cheap thrills check out Happy Hour at Dorothybills.

And for more creative ideas pop in to Kootoyoo.

P.S. Please excuse the colour of the back door, we haven't decided what colour to paint it yet, any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I had heard about this gorgeous cafe from Dorothybills, but today I was witness to the absoloute gorgeousness of the place.

We met for coffee with 4 children amongst us but we did not feel out of place at all.  The children were welcomed with colouring pencils and toys, and to eat..... boiled eggs with smiley faces on them.

I can't get over how wonderful this cafe was, more than just a cafe, a complete experience.  Everything was green...... vintage green...... even the paper for the children.

I didn't get photos but I have found some glorious green items on etsy so you can get your emerald fix today also....

Vintage Green Vaseline Glass Basket Candy Dish Diamond Pattern with Applied Handles

Forest Green Bubble Sugar Bowl by Anchor Hocking Glass Company

Vintage MOD Flower Power Plastic Basket

Vintage green and yellow Thermos flask

Remember the name is LILO and if you are ever in Mornington check it out.....

P.S. Dear me! In my rush to post this I forgot to link to etsy for the origin of the glorious green glassware.  If you wish to puchase any of these grand green goings-on please search for green glass, green basket and green thermos in the vintage section of etsy.  My apologies again.....

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well I missed  first post of Blogtober and it was only the third, OOPS!

Just had sooo much going on yesterday.

Bubs was all better, pretty sure it was Roseola which is pretty harmless, just looks bad.

So, we went to the baby shower..... with a half finished quilt.

The weather was sooo fantastic that we decided to stroll along the beach with an ice-cream cone.  Of course all my water babies ended up in the water.  We found some fantastic shells and spotted 2 large starfish.

Then I picked up my sister who is 18 today and we had a pre-eighteen natter about life, the universe and everything inbetween.

Then forgetting to Blog for the day I dropped sleepily into bed and almost forgot to get up in time for school this morning.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well the rash got worse.  He's covered in it.  So it was off to the doctors this morning.  Doesn't look like measles cause there is no cough or cold symptoms.  Phew!

The doc said it could be a number of different viruses that cause a rash.  Without a definite answer I asked Mr Google again.

I think that its Roseola, also known as baby measles.  It fits perfectly.  Tenperature for 3 days, otherwise fine, and then a rash that lasts for about 3 days and a super grotty baby.  Perhaps because he's so itchy, poor thing.

But!  There is a small possibility that it could be Rubella.  Therefore I won't be attending the baby shower tomorrow where there will be at least 2 pregnant women.

(Insert sad face here)

At least I won't have to stay up all night finishing the quilt.

(Insert smiley face here)

Somehow today, amongst the bored kids and sick baby I managed to declutter half the kitchen.  It feels sooo good.  I hate doing the same house work over and over again and getting nowhere.  I have a box and a basket full of things to go to the op-shop and a few things that need to be returned to their owners.

I think  maybe my inspiration has come from my friend's new blog.   Check it out here

Friday, October 1, 2010

Does My Baby Have Measles?

Okay, so without a camera (my husband took it fishing), and without a clue as to what to post for my first blogtoberfest post, I am going to tell you whats on my mind today.

My baby has had a temperature for two days.  Not extremely high, but definitely persistant.  He has been crying and crying and crying.  I thought perhaps he was improving today.

I am currently watching a spotty red rash ceep out of his hair line and spread down his forhead.  It has also started to peek out from behind one ear and inch its way up his cheek,


So I start googling, what else would a mother do.

Hmmmmmm, it seems that the most common childhood illness that starts like this is measles.

All I know about measles is that it causes meningitis, brain damage and death.

I realise that this rash will most probably dissappear and my baby will return to full health within a few days, as they do everytime I start to google dreadful diseases.  I am just overly protective and concerned for my beloved children.  A typical Mum. And a bit of a hypochondriac.

So, do you think my baby has measels?  When your kids are sick do you Google every disease known to mankind?  Do you overreact and expect the worst?


Hope I have something more exciting to post about tomorrow, with some pictures.  And I hope my baby doesn't have measles.