Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reversible Swimwear and a Day in the Dirt

Today was a beautiful day for some yard work.  I had a baby shower to attend this arvo so hubby took the kids out into the sunshine and left me to get ready in peace.  This is what I came out to.

He loves the sand at the beach, but this was his first time in the dirt.  I had to give him a good soak in the tub before we left for the baby shower.

In other news.....

This is prototype seven, the reversible bikini bottoms.  Prototype six were a complete write off.

These are a size 0.  I tried them on my bubby boy, they fit pretty well.  I will tweak the pattern just a little more and then work out the sizing.

I have been playing around with ideas for tops too.  My shirring leaves something to be desired though.  I would love to know if you have any shirring advice, what am I doing wrong???

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Maria said...

Men, they are so helpful. LOL