Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat

gif animators

Monet has a fancy hat parade at school tomorrow as part of the festivities for The Melbourne Cup.

The bunny is meant to be our real pet bunny Thumper, but Thumper has gone walkabout.  Hopefully he will show up before tomorrow morning.  I'm not liking our chances.

I made this hat from a Huggies box, a metre of black felt and a purple ribbon.  Lots and lots of masking tape, a sewing machine and a fair bit of hand sewing.

It only took 2 hours, I thought that was pretty good, I expected it to take much longer.

'Tis my first animation too, you can find more animations at My Poppet


the textured leaf said...

Hi Monet!

A great job on the hat, wow.
She looks a tad depressed... have you been taking too many photos again? lol

MonetPaisley said...

She is sad because we can't find our free range bunny. He is hibernating because of Melbourne's wintery weather.