Monday, October 4, 2010


Well I missed  first post of Blogtober and it was only the third, OOPS!

Just had sooo much going on yesterday.

Bubs was all better, pretty sure it was Roseola which is pretty harmless, just looks bad.

So, we went to the baby shower..... with a half finished quilt.

The weather was sooo fantastic that we decided to stroll along the beach with an ice-cream cone.  Of course all my water babies ended up in the water.  We found some fantastic shells and spotted 2 large starfish.

Then I picked up my sister who is 18 today and we had a pre-eighteen natter about life, the universe and everything inbetween.

Then forgetting to Blog for the day I dropped sleepily into bed and almost forgot to get up in time for school this morning.

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melissa said...

Glad to hear your bub is feeling better! Theres nothing worse when they break out in a rash - you do fear the worst!