Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rosebubs Market

I remembered to take a few shots just before pack up time.

I sold a few of the dresses I made and a few more second hand items but most of the fun was had meeting new people and bagging a bargain or two....

I shared the stall with The Textured Leaf and DorothyBills.

That gorgeous brown floral dress is one of The Textured Leafs creations.  You can buy her beautiful garments in her etsy store.

The quilts displayed in the vintage luggage are the handiwork of DorothyBills. You can find some of her amazing work in her madeit store. The green quilt featured the most luscious velvet and the backing was the most amazing floral I have ever seen.  Wendy and I both had our eye on this quilt. I wouldn't be surprised if it never makes it to the etsy shop and instead ends up as a gift for the new Textured Leaf grand baby.

Should I list my dresses on etsy or madeit?  I have plans for a summer range for older girls as well.  It is so hard to find handmade clothes for girls over 6.  I wonder whether they would be more popular on etsy or madeit. Let me know what you think.

This is the finished quilt that was blogged about here.

We also met another lovely blogger, Emma from Yknot.  Emma sells her children's range at the Red Hill Market and Magnolia Square.  You can also buy her wares from her website.  I was very impressed with Emma's range, definitely something to aspire to, great to see someone living the dream.....


the textured leaf said...

Great post! Thanks for the nice mention. BUT where are your amazing dresses? hmmm?

fi said...

your stall looks fantastic and what a lovely spot by the sea:)

yknot? emma said...

Thanks for the lovely mention on your blog, I love your photos, a good camera makes all the difference. My daughter has worn her top and it is great - we love it!!