Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Cot Quilt

I had intentions of blogging about my never ending battle with my floordrobe, but I just couldn't bring myself to post a picture of my bedroom floor covered in clothes. 

Then I thought I could post a picture of my daughters' floordrobe, but I cleaned that up on Sunday and have no intention of dumping their clothes on the floor just for a photo.

So you'll have to wait for that one.....

Instead I shall post some badly lit, flash photography, shots of the latest baby  quilt I am almost finished.

I only have the binding left on this quilt, then I have to make another for a baby shower this Sunday.  If I have time I would love to make a paper crane mobile to go with each quilt.  We will see, have to clean up the floordrobe first.

Speaking of housework, a friend of mine has started a new blog with some fantastic tips for the unavoidable domestic duties we all face.  Perhaps one of her ideas will make your life easier. Take a peek...

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'Joyce' said...

oh my gosh, you have been so busy. I LOVE your cot quilt, so boyish, and I am a huge fan of simple. The lovely fabric speaks for itself. Congrats. Paper cranes, what a brilliant idea. Going to have to check it out for my boys. We have been doing lots of paper craft ourselves - school holidays rule! Thanks for the catch up, I feel like I haven't chatted for months. lol enjoy the rest of your break.