Monday, September 27, 2010

Paper Crane Mobile

As a school holiday activity I taught my 2 girls to make paper cranes.  I had to learn first of course.  This is the tutorial I used, but there are a plethora to choose from, you can even watch a video on you tube if you wish.

It was the smartest thing I have done all school holidays!  My 8 year old is usually so hard to keep occupied, and so messy with all her craft.  She has made probably 40 paper cranes now and just keeps pumping them out.  The clean up is so easy, and it has boosted her self esteem cause she is planning on teaching everyone back at school.

So what to do with all the beautiful paper cranes???


A Paper Crane Mobile.

And of course she had to make some big cranes to sit on the shelf with the teddies.

What are you up to on the school holidays???


willywagtail said...

This is incredible. What a huge amount of paper cranes and so pretty in a mobile too. Cherrie

Samantha said...

So gorgeous. I just love all the colours. You are so tallented!!!

leslie said...

that is STUNNING! something to look forward to copying when my girls are older : )