Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space

Before anything else is said I must apologise for this terrible photo.

My husband has borrowed my new camera today. Boy I miss my camera!

So this was taken on a dodgy iPhone that has a particularly dim screen thanks to water damage (actually, coffee damage).

Oh my goodness its a terrible photo.  The quilt is not that crash hot either.

I was trying to get it finished before I went to see my friend and her new baby today.  Unfortunately this is as far as I got.  Some quilting and binding is on the cards for tomorrow.

Then another visit to my friend and her 3 gorgeous kids sometime next week.

For more inspiration see kootoyoo

Oops! Kootoyoo seems to be on holidays this week, :-)

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Maria said...

Love the colours you have chosen for the babies quilt.