Monday, December 5, 2011

Linen Tea Towels and Brown Paper Packages

I have been admiring the linen tea towels on etsy of late....
And these amazing vintage ones.

I was trying to decide which ones to buy when I remembered the linen I found at the oppy the other day.
Light bulb moment!!!

I need quite a few tea towels as mine are all stained
 (thank the hubby, he seems to find a millions messy uses for a tea towel)
So I decided to make one for each day of the week (corny I know).

Here is my Monday tea towel.

I had fun making it, now to see if I enjoy using it (hmmmmm....).

I wrapped up these lovely swimmers.

I find it quite tricky to get the eau de vintage to separate itself from the vintage fabrics.
So I made a little sachet with rosemary, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, bay leaves and cinnamon. 
 Any suggestions for dealing with oppy scent would be welcome.

I love looking at this package all ready for it's trip to the post office.
And I love the personalised name tag too...

I really hope to be back again tomorrow with a Tuesday tea towel....


Allana said...

Oh that looks gorgeous, I love the look of linen and your added love looks so pretty!

willywagtail said...

It sems most husbands have that particular fault. Talking to an older one who bars her men folk from touching the tea towels and makes them use paper towelling. heehee. I'm not sure what to do about that 'orrible smell other than wash adn hand in the sun, maybe inside out so the fabric doesn't fade. Bi-carb absorbs odours orput yummy soaps or candles in your stashes. Cherrie

willywagtail said...

hang in the sun that is

the textured leaf said...

I love the teatowel idea. Will you take custom orders for them?
Did you try full strength vinegar?
Wait isnt your wardrobe where you store them from the oppy?
Haha, x

Julie said...


Re: eau de oppy scent. Any of the above or a soak in napisan, wash in softly and hang in sun all day.