Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bathers for Bronte and Other Bits and Pieces

I've been a little creative lately, a little more than usual.

Here is a pair of bathers for Bronte.....

All wrapped up and ready to go....

I nabbed a couple of footstools from the local Vinnies.  I have been looking for ages for some that were suitable for slip-covers.  Here is one slip-cover.  I used some squares that I already had cut out for a quilt I am making.  I accidentally cut out too many squares for the quilt, but am quite happy to have a matching slip-cover.

I plan on having a collection of different slip-covers so I can change them as my mood changes (but who knows, I planned on making a Tuesday tea towel last Tuesday too..... Still haven't got around to it. Maybe next Tuesday)

The Slip cover is held on by elastic threaded through a casing at the bottom of the cover. Makes for a snug fit, and can be easily removed for washing.

 This is the beginning of my wall of yellow.  It needs alot more little treasures for full effect but I am happy to get these few things up for now.

 I ended up winning this gorgeous print by Elishia.  Remember this give-away?
For now I have put it in a plain black frame.... until I can get it matted and framed.

 This oil painting was a wedding present almost 11 years ago from my uncle Jimmy.  He painted under the name Grenville Montgomery I am not sure if he still does. I know of a book cover he has painted in watercolours. Other than that Mr Google didn't find much at all.

It is Phillip Island and the Knobbies from Shoreham and is titled 'Colours Sing'
Completed Australia Day 2001, the day before our wedding.

I have been looking for a cheap piano for the girls on and off for the last year without much success.  The local Salvos had $30 on this organ and I thought that was good.  They were really wanting to get it moving so asked if I would take it for $5.  I still hesitated because its quite a job to move one of these.... but then the man informed me that if I didn't take it home with me they were going to pull it apart and get rid of it.  I am a bit of a softie when it comes to destroying perfectly good things.... so now we have an organ....  I worked out how to use it.... finally.

Today I have a house to clean, two more pairs of swimmers to finish, I really need to make another tea towel, and I would like to get another slip cover finished for the other footstool.  Probably will only get as far as cleaning up.

Oh I just remebered the sleeves that need knitting on Paisley's cardigan and Monet's dress. It seems I finish one sleeve and find it hard to finish the other.... a bit like one sock syndrome I suppose.

What have yopu been up to lately and what is planned for your Sunday?

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Anonymous said...

love your little stools new cover, good idea to make it removable! the artworks on your yellow wall are lovely. hope your week is a good one.