Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shop Update - One-pieces

Well, they have been a long time coming.... but finally girls one-pieces are in production.

There are a few listings for made-to-order one-pieces in the store now.

I will be adding more over the coming days.

There is only enough of the new fabrics for two swimsuits (bikinis or onepieces) in each fabric.

I have nick-named the fabrics and included pictures in the listings to make ordering easier. Just leave a note as to size and fabric choice during checkout.

I think we need to have a glass of bubbly to celebrate....

How could I forget... these superbly peachy photos are courtesy of Danielle as is the first little model...

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'Joyce' said...

oh my gosh, how beautiful, and congrats to you from me. Oh how exciting. I am going to show you off if you don't mind. lol. I love the new one piece, get that machine oiled girl, you are going to be busy.

Lee-Anne said...

The one pieces are gorgeous! Might have to visit your etsy store....
(and thanks for the washing tip, we're trying to put it into practice :) )

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog :)
Your togs range is adorable.
We loved the faraway tree, such a magical story and I also love Dottie Angel.
With the whole healthy kick, for me it's 90% mindset...if I can get my mind around being healthy it's pretty easy to stick to. I am currently sugar free after reading 'Sweet Poison' .
Sorry, got carried away with reading your blog and didn't want to send lots of comments :)
Happy Friday.


Lis said...

Such beautiful little swimsuits and lovely fabric!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Great Job! I love the swirly buds fabric. If I had a little girl, I'm sure that is what I would pick. :)Congrats on the launching of your One Pieces!!! :)

planettreasures said...

They are so cute and the fabrics are really pretty.
I'm sure thet'll do really well : )