Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Bedtime Story

This is what I have been reading to my girls at 8:30 every night (well not every night... only when they go to bed on time).

The story is so musical and the illustrations are enthralling....

If you ever see any of these Enid Blyton books that are illustrated by Georgina Hargreaves in an op-shop make sure you grab them because they are with a fortune.

I looked on ebay to collect the series and was surprised they fetch $50 to $100 each.

I had heard that in more recent versions the names of the children have been changed... I had a quick peek at wikipedia and found that Jo has been changed to Joe because that is the more commonly accepted masculine version, Bessie was changed to Beth just because Bessie is too old fashioned, Fanny was changed to Frannie because fanny is slang for vulva and Rick has replaced Dick which as we all know is slang for Penis.

I really wish they hadn't, the story reads so lovely and old fashioned think putting a name like Rick in just ruins it.

I am glad I have my old fashioned version of The Magic Faraway Tree, illustrated by Georgina Hargreaves, I treasure it and hope my children will feel likewise...

Have you read this book to your children? Did they just love it?

What do you think about the classic names being changed???? Isn't it akin to putting clothes on Da Vinci's statue of David??? Or am I over reacting???


trash said...

Seriously? The names have been changed? How ridiculous!

I remember being so excited that Princess Curly Wurly was finally old enough to be read these books (and to read some of it out loud to me). I also remember with great delight her reaction to the first paragraph where Jo tells the girls they are unable to do something (I can't recall what now) as they were only girls. It wasn't indignance that this was the case, rather she was puzzled that gender could be a reason precluding someone from doing anything. Gotta love the view taken from such a different generation's standpoint.

Rowantree Design said...

I love the Enid Blyton books of past. I like to frame the pages. Pit they felt the need to change the names.

Julie said...

I still have all my Enid Blyton and Noddy books, inappropriate names and all. I read them over and over, hope my kids do the same.