Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just realised that it is not 10pm.... it is in fact 11pm!

All day has passed and I have not realised that daylight saving started today.

I thought I had better let you all know how busy I have been today before the clock strikes 12 and I turn into a pumpkin for missing but the second day of Blogtoberfest.

This morning I made 2 cotton one-pieces.... one for each daughter. Paisley wore hers all day underneath various skirts and cardies... she was that chuffed!

This afternoon I made another one-piece. I think that seeing paisley in hers all day inspired me to make another. I didn't have time to take proper photos as we had visitors in and out all day.

This evening I am sorting out all my craft and sewing supplies.... trying to streamline my workspace.... it's pretty small you know.

I was going to clean out the cupboard too but my bubby boy has started coughing and needs a cuddle.... at least he doesn't have a fever anymore.

Night everyone... can't wait to get up tomorrow and do some more sewing, some more organising and definitely some photo taking....

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Robin Norgren said...

what a fun job you have making swimsuits! hello from Blogtoberfest!