Friday, August 12, 2011

A Weighty Issue

I want to talk about diet and excercise.

Some of us are good at these and others prefer a more relaxed approach.

I am usually one for the more relaxed approach.... Eat what ever I fancy and write off housework as excercise.

This morning I have started a new diet and excercise regime.  I am trying to eat lots of healthy food and I went for an half an hour walk this morning.

In order to stick to something like this I have to obsess over what I am going to eat and how I am going to fit in my excercise.

This time I want it to be a lifestyle change. Something I do without thinking, without obsessing...

This morning when I woke up I had a shower and put on track pants and runners.  This made it easier to go for a walk when it was time.

I am keeping a diary. Not just a food diary, a diary of how I feel and why I need to keep doing this. Why am I doing this?

I want my children to grow up healthy. I want to be healthy. I want more energy (i already have more energy after half a day). There of course is the added bonus of looking good, but that is not the main reason.

What do you do to keep healthy? Do you watch what you eat, or excercise?

Do you have any tips for me? I would love to hear your views....


Anonymous said...

Something annoying that I learnt is that actually for the first week or so that you start exercising you can actually feel more tired (which you think would be obvious but everyone says you should get more energy) and then suddenly BAM you have got loads of energy, you really want to exercise and if you have a bit of time off it you feel sluggish and it pushes you on some more. Good luck :)

'Joyce' said...

*sigh* yes, I do feel ready to take on the world after my early morning sunrise walks, however, I have not been walking for a while now and it has been in the front of my mind to get back out there again. I don't really have a particular diet or regime, however, I do know that if I don't get moving, I do feel extra tired and *meh* if that makes any sense at all. I think the journal idea is wonderful. Go you! Have a fabulous weekend at your place.

Alison said...

I think keeping a diary for the first week at least, is a good idea, just to see when, what, how and why you eat.

Now I have a dog, she needs two good walks each day, usually an hour each. If you can talk easily and not breaking into a sweat on your walk, for weight loss unfortunately you are wasting your time. It will be just a pleasant stroll.

I have a trainer that I meet up with once a week and sweat it out with 3 other people, $25 for 1 hour of pain. This I find keeps me in check with how hard I have to work to lose that choc bar I ate the day before, the rest of the week is up to me.

Once you get a routine going it becomes easier. I lost my routine over the last 3 months and feel just yucky, so this week I'm trying to get back into the rhythm.

Good luck with it all and don't punish yourself if you had a bad day.