Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teacup Candle

I have always kept this teaset out of the reach of little hands.

It is something that is precious to me.

During our last move I smashed one cup and broke the handle of this one whilst trying to put them on a high shelf.

I have glued the handle back on. While the cup can no longer be used for tea, it makes quite a pretty tea cup candle.

The instructions I found in 'The Little Tea Zine'.  I bought 'The Little Tea Zine' from here on Etsy.  Difinitely worth the small amount I paid for it.  They are no longer in stock but perhaps if enough people ask she might make some more.

Oh, I am still kmitting too.  My hair really shows up where I have knitted it into the cream stripes.  Ohwell...

1 comment:

Allana said...

Oh no, how sad! It does make a gorgeous candle though! I Love Isis' little Tea zine too, those spice biscuits are scrumptious! :)