Sunday, August 14, 2011

We had a sleepover here this weekend.  My girls had a friend stay over.  It's the first time we've done the two-night-sleep-over thing.

That's right! Their friend stayed for two nights.  I remember doing.this when I was young.  I remember it would be the best weekend ever....

I haven't had to do much to keep them happy, just keep the refreshments coming.

Hot chocolate in a teapot has been a favourite. With fairy bread fingers and fruit.

I feel all grown up when I am responsible for other peoples kids.  The rest of  the time I still feel 19.

Unfortunatley... I no longer look like I am 19.

Fortunatley... I no longer dress like I am 19.

How old do you feel?

Have you had any sleepovers lately?

I have no idea how to workout where this image came from, I just used google to find it. Thank you if its yours. I love the hot water bottle cover...

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'Joyce' said...

oh I love the sleepover. It only happens in school holidays here, so not often at all. But is so exciting. Listening to two little boys giggle in the night, makes me feel like a kid again. oh and yeah, I certainly don't look like 19 anymore, however, I have learnt a few things since being 19. Have a great week at your place.