Monday, September 5, 2011

A Giveaway and A Winner

I won something today.

There is a new online magazine called Tickle The Imagination.

You can check it ou here

They also have a blog

There was a little giveaway on the blog of a small mention in the summer issue of Tickle The Imagination. You will be able to see MonetPaisley Swimwear mentioned as the perfect gift for your little fashionista this summer.

Talking about giveaways... Betty Jo Designs is giving away one of these amazing swooping swallow necklace or brooches on her blog to celebrate the release of the new online mag Tickle The Imagination.


Betty Jo said...

Thanks Elisha,
Your kidlets bikinis are so sweet! xLiz

'Joyce' said...

oh how lovely. I have just signed up. Awesome to see your lovely swimmers there too.

the textured leaf said...

So glad you provided the link for me!
Totally forgot the name of the mag, duh! Really happy for you and ive been thinking about the shoot all day, x

Copper Patch said...

Hi Elisha,
Well done on your win. Just so you know, when you comment you are coming up as a 'no reply' commenter. Not sure if that's intentional.

Copper Patch said...

This is a linky to instructions on how to change from a no-reply.
Ab :o)