Monday, June 27, 2011

Pink Elephants on Parade

It seems I have suffered some laryngitis of the blog variety lately...
Lost my voice sew-to-blog...

I have made a million excuses to myself.  "It must be because the laptop screen is a little iffy (smashed to smithereens)" or "it's just because I haven't any photos".

But it seem my Bloggy Sewjo* was just on holiday.

It appears it must have returned form afar as I find myself tossing and turning all night with dreams
 (well they can't really be dreams if you are not asleep can they???)
 of a slouchy coat made from a thrifted blanket,
 fleeting images of a woollen skirt,
 made from the thrifted blanket that proved too small for said slouchy coat.

There are quilts with floral, velvet and plaid all integrally integrated to create a magnificent conglomerate of individualness!!!

And the list of inspiring epiphanies goes on and on.
So I welcome back my Bloggy Sewjo
 and can only assume that he must have jumped in my back pocket while at the op-shop last week
and hitched a ride home to this Old Stone House where upon he used to reside.

Here's hoping Mister bloggy Sewjo decides to stick around for a while
 so we can make beautiful music together....
well maybe not music...
but perhaps some cushions... and maybe a quilt or two...
 and I would so love to create some wearable items for the residents of this here Old Stone House.

And, as is the custom,
these creations should be photographed for posterity (whatever that may be)
and offered up on this here blog, for the amusement of others.
Whether it be to point and laugh
 or to stare in wonderment, as you wonder...
 "What would posses a woman to stitch together plaid, velvet and vintage florals...
 add a doily.... and call it a quilt!"

P. S. The dilemma of not having any photos of worth to share
 was solved by pilfering these gorgeous shots form my friend Wendy.

The kids getups are from Little Tree Kids (aka The Textured Leaf)
The photos are also courtesy of my friend Wendy.

In my defense, they are my kids...

Pleasant dreams, hopefully you are not kept awake by craft-on-parade
 reminiscent of pink-elephants-on-parade.

* Mojo that allows one to sew fantastic items thus creating fodder for ones electronic equivalent of a diary.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :)

My blogging mojo is a bit out kilter at the moment so hopefully this week it will find it's way back to centre :S

Rowantree Design said...

Know how you feel one minute you are in blogg block and the next you can't sleep thinking up the wonderful ideas to blog about....The sailor always knows when I am blog dreaming...