Sunday, June 17, 2012


I was interested to hear on the blogvine that Ms Julia Gillard had tea with some blogging ladies the other day. I asked Mr Google who these lovely blogging ladies were, as I felt certain, being bloggers, such lovely ladies would be sure to make a permanent record of such a fabulous event.

Sure enough I stumbled across Edenland. I eagerly devoured her story and was glad to find links to other blogging ladies that attended the PM's morning tea affectionately dubbed PMTea by Kerri Sackville, also at the "PMTea". I smiled to myself, and even laughed out loud (sorry but I refuse to use lol in a sentence) while reading Kerri's interpretation of events.

Another entertaining yarn about the PMTea was told by Mrs Woog. This is in two parts so be sure to read both.

I was very happy to hear that Ms Gillard enjoys knitting and think it rather lovely that she made the time to have tea with such lovely ladies.

I will leave you with some of my recent accomplishments.....

Red velvet cake! Yum!!!!

Before shot of the red velvet cake with mascarpone and whipped cream frosting.....

Bunting being made from vintage sheet fat quarters that I got on etsy.

Finished bunting (you can't see all the flags, some are hidden) oh and I made three of these.

Tonight I have been cutting out some dresses to be sewn as soon as I get my overlocker. I usually French seam all my swimwear but if I am going to make any dresses to sell I really need an overlocker. I popped into cash converters and spotted a Janome for $150. I thought this was expensive but was surprised to find that they are not too much cheaper on eBay. There are pros and cons to getting anything from the local pawn shop, one of the biggest cons being that maybe i am being conned. Any advice would be welcome. And if anyone is looking to sell an overlocker (preferably cheaper than cash converters) that would be welcome too :-)

Might get back to cutting out.... Have a lovely evening.


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Sarah Dee said...

That cake looks absolutely divine! And the bunting is fantastic!

Xoxo Sarah