Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tabs for Pages - Sort of a Tutorial

I have often thought about adding tabs to my blog just under the heading. Thinking about it was as far as I got until now.....

See those little tabs up there???? well they help you find information about me and what I do without having to think too much.  The idea is to try and make it easier for anyone interested in buying their little girl some bathers.

  • So how did I do it??? Well.... in the new blogger interface choose the blog which you would like to add some tabs to.

  • Then select pages from the menu on the left.  click on the "New page" button and pick either blank page or Web address.

  • Firstly lets discuss how to use the blank page.  I added a blank page to showcase the fabric choices and swim-wear styles available. So choose the blank page option and fill out your heading and the body of your text just as you would a normal blog post.  Remember that this "page" will not appear amongst your regular blog posts but only when your readers select the "page" from the "tab" which we will talk about next.

  • After you have hit publish you will be back at the "pages" page (hehehehe). This is where I selected to "show pages as..."top tabs"".  Once you have a few different pages they will start to appear just under the header on your blog.

  • You can also add a "weblink" instead of a "blank page".  I used this option to add a shop tab, this will take you to my etsy store.  All I did was paste the hyperlink of my etsy store into the field provided after selecting web-link from the new page menu.

  • As for the "contact me" tab, I am not sure how to link from the tab straight to the email address (like you can in a post).... if anyone has any advice on this feel free to email me....

So now how to format your tabs so that they look presentable.

  • This is where I had to switch back to the old blogger interface (this option is available at the very top of blogger).

  • Choose "design", then "template designer". (this would be where others would advise you to back-up your blog....  I have no advice on that because I have never done it before.... but I am thinking it would be the wiser thing to do....)

  • Select "advanced" from the menu on the left.  Then select "tabs text" from the next menu that appears.  I set the font size to 20 as this spread the tabs nicely accross my blog but feel free to experiment with sizes.  This is where you can also change the colour of the text and also the font.

  • Next choose "tabs background" which is just under "tabs text" and pick a background for the tabs in general (I chose transparent) and then for the selected tab (I chose a light blue).

  • There will still be a frame around the tabs which didn't particularly appeal to me.  If you scroll down further from "tabs background" you will see "accents". If you set the "tabs border colour" to transparent the borders will disappear.

Well, there you go.  This probably sounds like a whole bunch of gobbeldy goop.... but hopefully if you've been thinking about adding some tabs to the top of your blog this can help you muddle your way through.

I can't post this without a photo.... so here is my Mister with one of the 10 or so snapper we had in our freezer.  It's a lovely fish but I am running out of ways to cook it.  We had it beer battered with chips, baked whole with chili, lime and coriander, and I made snapper pie too.

Goodnight, got to get some z's before I head to Mornington to visit Wendy at the Mornington Street Market which is on every Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

my kids love fish 'nuggets', i just cut up some fish into little nuggety size bits, roll in flour and cook in the frypan in a bit of olive oil and butter. oh and you have to have a ton of tomato sauce (blick) for dipping.

thanks so much for sharing the tabs tutorial, i have always wondered how to do that and could never figure it out.


the textured leaf said...

Way to GO!
If I get time ill try this over the weekend.
Next time I want to kow something im gonna ring you, much easier, x