Saturday, April 16, 2011

Granny Slippers

I just purchased this pattern from Michelle at The Royal Sisters.

I am waiting anxiously for it to arrive via email so that I can get hooking.

Photo is from Michelle's flickr stream.  Sorry I can't post links from my phone but you can find Michelle'samazing granny inspired patterns on etsy, ravelry and on her blog The Royal Sisters.

I am still the un-proud owner of a laptop with a cracked screen.  Hope to get that remedied soon.  And I haven't been sewing swimmers.  Something about the rainy weather makes me want to crochet slippers and make quilts rather than sew bikinis. 

Till next time, which will probably be a while.......


Gillian said...

Hope you enjoy crocheting these cute slippers, I love these slippers by Michelle I have made a pair, my little lady wants a few more pairs for winter so must get in and make some ;)

'Joyce' said...

oh these are lovely, i had knitted slippers as a kid, but I would love me a pair of these. Imagine the fun you could have with colours.

Kate said...

I got that pattern from Michelle recently too.
I must make some. I just want to make summery things though. Maybe because my brain knows we are skipping the coldest part of wnter this year.
Hope your computer situation gets better soon.