Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in Action

The 2011-2012 range of MonetPaisley Swimwear is now in production.  Fabric choices are being made and sewing is not far off...

I am currently taking wholesale orders.  If you are interested in stocking MonetPaisley Swimwear please email me.


I will send you information regarding prices and quantities.

Hopefully the etsy store will be stocked again in the not-too-distant future.  If you were wanting a pair of swimmers sooner, let me know via email and maybe we can work something out.

Here are some pictures of last years range.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Late Night Sewing

Tomorrow swimming starts as part of my little preppy's school day.

She had grown out of last summer's swimmers, so some new ones were in order.

I had to borrow my MIL's machine because my poor machine is still not working. My last chance is a new bobbin casing  if that doesn't work it's sewing machine heaven for the old girl (actually, she's not that old).

So I sewed Pais a bikini. Made from Amy Butler Twilight Peony fabric. It's quite delightful and I truly enjoyed sewing again.

The only think is that my MIL's machine is rather unreliable in the stitching department.  Ok for homemade, but not good enough to sell.

Maybe there will be some more bikini's in the etsy store soon.... if my dear sewing machine pulls through...

A little update on the excercise front... I walked 3 k's this morning, I was so energised I washed the car, posted some long overdue paperwork and then decided to walk to the supermarket to pick up a few things for tea.  Another 3 k's. I walked as hard as I could, you may be happy to know I broke a sweat.... Or perhaps that was too much information.

I think I have finally been bitten by the excercise bug, I can't get enough.... what's next?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We had a sleepover here this weekend.  My girls had a friend stay over.  It's the first time we've done the two-night-sleep-over thing.

That's right! Their friend stayed for two nights.  I remember doing.this when I was young.  I remember it would be the best weekend ever....

I haven't had to do much to keep them happy, just keep the refreshments coming.

Hot chocolate in a teapot has been a favourite. With fairy bread fingers and fruit.

I feel all grown up when I am responsible for other peoples kids.  The rest of  the time I still feel 19.

Unfortunatley... I no longer look like I am 19.

Fortunatley... I no longer dress like I am 19.

How old do you feel?

Have you had any sleepovers lately?

I have no idea how to workout where this image came from, I just used google to find it. Thank you if its yours. I love the hot water bottle cover...

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Weighty Issue

I want to talk about diet and excercise.

Some of us are good at these and others prefer a more relaxed approach.

I am usually one for the more relaxed approach.... Eat what ever I fancy and write off housework as excercise.

This morning I have started a new diet and excercise regime.  I am trying to eat lots of healthy food and I went for an half an hour walk this morning.

In order to stick to something like this I have to obsess over what I am going to eat and how I am going to fit in my excercise.

This time I want it to be a lifestyle change. Something I do without thinking, without obsessing...

This morning when I woke up I had a shower and put on track pants and runners.  This made it easier to go for a walk when it was time.

I am keeping a diary. Not just a food diary, a diary of how I feel and why I need to keep doing this. Why am I doing this?

I want my children to grow up healthy. I want to be healthy. I want more energy (i already have more energy after half a day). There of course is the added bonus of looking good, but that is not the main reason.

What do you do to keep healthy? Do you watch what you eat, or excercise?

Do you have any tips for me? I would love to hear your views....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teacup Candle

I have always kept this teaset out of the reach of little hands.

It is something that is precious to me.

During our last move I smashed one cup and broke the handle of this one whilst trying to put them on a high shelf.

I have glued the handle back on. While the cup can no longer be used for tea, it makes quite a pretty tea cup candle.

The instructions I found in 'The Little Tea Zine'.  I bought 'The Little Tea Zine' from here on Etsy.  Difinitely worth the small amount I paid for it.  They are no longer in stock but perhaps if enough people ask she might make some more.

Oh, I am still kmitting too.  My hair really shows up where I have knitted it into the cream stripes.  Ohwell...